• Charlotte Clarke

Where it begins...

This page is a work in progress, started on 26/06. I realise I have no way currently to show projects I have in progress in my free time, as they are not yet render ready. So, this will be an addition to my site, to be updated weekly with what has been going on out of work. While I have always enjoyed staying back and working on personal work, it seems I can't do that in my current office. So this blog will hopefully be some motivation at home, plus a dump for all the thoughts I would usually blab about with colleagues when working late.

Hopefully this will also help me from getting distracted and to stop keep starting new projects and leaving the old unfinished ones before they're done. It's so hard to not start something new when a new idea pops up damn it!

As you've probably guessed, this will be very informal. A look into how I work, my processes and a bit of what my brain thinks as I go. It can get a tad crazy! I hope you enjoy reading, if anyone is!

Note to self: Set up tabs for environment projects and asset/diorama pieces.

I also super appreciate any criticism or tips as I go, while I will start posting some on Polycount for feedback too, every little helps! (Can I get away with saying that? Meh, I don't get paid for this, so why not.)

For now, here is a little teaser on my newest environment project, there's lots to do, so lets get it done!

Trello board woo yah, organisation!

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